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The Clean Goa Project

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The CleanGoa Project was started in the year 2017 and envisions a Clean Goa by the year 2020.  As part of the CleanGoa Project, The RiseNation Trust organizes cleanup drives across Goa. The RiseNationArmy comprising of students from schools and colleges in the villages along with the local panchayat members and villagers clean up the villages. The local churches also  have actively participated in the cleanup drives spreading  the message  to the villagers to take part  in the  clean up drives and to keep the village clean. The villagers are also educated on garbage segregation and  also on the various  garbage disposal systems thereby making the villagers more environmentally conscious. The RiseNation Trust works actively with the government agencies to dispose the garbage collected.  Clean Up drives have already been carried out across Goa and the plan is to take the movement to every village of Goa so that we can have a clean Goa.