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Story About Us

Who are we?

RiseNation Trust was started in the year 2013 and has been working with youth in schools and colleges across Goa for the last 5 years. The mission of the RiseNation Trust is to empower the youth so that they become more socially conscious and become responsible citizens of our state.

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Turning The Tide

Music For Social Empowerment

‘The RiseNation Army’ Project uses music to positively influence the youth so that they can Turn The Tide from within and then hopefully be a positive force in society.

Varun and The RiseNation band travel to schools and colleges across Goa in the RiseNation Music truck performing for the students and getting them interested in music and through music having a meaningful dialogue with them. All the songs performed are positive songs inspiring the kids to rise up and to be positive individuals. A lot of songs touch social issues like corruption, environment, communal harmony, drugs, respect for women and standing up for your rights.

Be The Change

Changing Lives Through Music

The RiseNation Trust believes that if our state needs to progress, we need to build good leaders. In this regard, the RiseNation Trust carries out leadership programmes in schools and colleges. The main focus of the programmes is to impart positive values and build ethical, socially conscious individuals.

In the programme, the youth are given leadership skills, so that they are well equipped to become good leaders of the future.

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Our Programmes

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